Choosing a Realtor

The decision to buy a home is one of the largest financial decisions most people make, yet many give little thought to the most important factor in the equation which is:

“Finding the right realtor for you.”

“Find the right realtor and the right home will come to you."

"Find the right home with the wrong realtor and you may pay too much or never get to own it at all.“


Things to consider when looking for a realtor:

You should like them.
This important aspect is often overlooked but it makes the whole process much more personal. At the very least you should feel comfortable enough with them to be able to share your inner hopes and concerns. After all a home should suit both your needs and reflect your personality. It is where you will invite your closest friends and family.

Your realtor should be utterly professional 
and you should feel very comfortable and confident that they are on your side and will work to get you the most beneficial result.

Obviously your realtor must have a good market knowledge
of available homes and recent sales in your area and price range.

They should have a good grasp 
of financing and legal issues, especially recent changes in the law and environmental matters.

They should be able to recommend 
a variety of other trustworthy professionals such as mortgage brokers, building inspectors, lawyers or notaries etc. They should not be getting backhander fees from these other professionals.

There are lots of excellent realtors, particularly on the North Shore, so finding the one that is a good match for you can be more challenging.


The best place to start looking for a good agent is:

By asking for recommendations
from friends or professionals who know of good, experienced realtors.

Open houses
are a good way to meet a variety of realtors. This will help you get a thumbnail sketch of their differing styles, expertise and how well you relate to them.

By industry reputation.
Be sure it is an industry reputation and not a reputation based on their own advertising. Realtors proclaiming loudly that they are great, doesn’t mean that they are great, except in my case of course.

By checking their record of past success.
Ask for names of clients and check them out by asking pertinent questions !

Finally you have to meet
with the realtor and discuss your particular situation. See how you feel. If you come away with a sense of confidence that the realtor will be a good fit, work with them. If you don’t, keep searching.

Once you have chosen your realtor, trust them and stick with them unless you have good cause not to sometime later down the road. Finding the right home is often a co-operative venture between you and your realtor.

Even if you are an experienced buyer who is able to make good decisions it is still advisable to have a good realtor on your side who can keep you up to date on new listings, including homes that are available for sale but not yet listed, the latest sales information and the mood of the market to say nothing of changes in the law etc.

And Now

Having read all this gumph, serious and honest gumph but gumph, if you would like to try out my very personal service, please give me a call or email me with your wish list. I will get back to you very shortly and you can put all the above suggestions into immediate practice.


David Mackenzie.